MCS Firearms is an offshoot from Midwest Competitive Shooting (MCS), a competition handgun training company focused on Action Pistol competition training, as well as general handgun training, in the Omaha, Nebraska area. We specialize in competition firearms, including pistols, ammunition and gear for USPSA and other Action Pistol competition. We also enjoy building AR-15 platform rifles for use in 2-Gun competition and general tactical training and shooting. We even dabble a bit in long-range precision rifle shooting. All of that mixes in with what we sell, and that's ALL we sell, simple as that. If you see it listed on our web site, we own it and shoot it ourselves, or have tested it and recommend it. We CAN get other things as well, and if you already have done your research and know what you want and don't see it on the web site, just ask and we'll get it for you. We have a very large network of distributors that we have built via our strong relationships in the industry through competition shooting, a WAY larger network than most (even much larger) gun shops have, and we can get the COOL THINGS that many shops have no idea how to get! 

We only carry the BEST. We carry a selection that closely mirrors what we train and shoot with ourselves, which we have expertise in, and can guide you in making the right decisions with your dollars. Most importantly, we know what DOESN'T work, and we can help you avoid making a poor decision based upon a YouTube or magazine review, or often misguided advice from a gun salesman at a sporting goods store who has never shot in a competition. We see the end result of that in our training classes  all. the. damn. time.  A pistol that doesn't fit the shooter is more the norm than the exception it seems, let us help you avoid this!

We offer training to ensure that you not only BUY the right firearm, but you also know how to SHOOT it well! In fact, we include a voucher for a FREE Midwest Competitive Shooting class with every firearm purchase! 

Ultimately, we are ENTHUSIASTS, we like cool things and we genuinely enjoy the hobby aspect of firearms ownership and training. This is the only explanation we can offer as to why we are a Class III SOT dealer, selling Suppressors and SBR's. Even though we don't really use those in Action Pistol competition, we just think they're cool and we really enjoy shooting them for fun, as well as recognizing the AWESOME potential of these items for home defense. So we also sell them. Why not? BUT only the absolute best, we don't carry any cheap brands or junk that looks good but won't stand the test of time, we don't have time for that and wouldn't feel good selling it to you.

So check out what we have to offer, and here are our promises to you:
1) If it says IN STOCK on our web site, we are 99.9% certain to have it available, we maintain our inventory on the web site religiously. We'll leave 00.1% up to a potential human error since no one is perfect, but we will do our best to make sure it never happens. We HATE it when we look to purchase something online, particularly a rare or hard-to-get firearm, only to find out that "In Stock" didn't really mean in stock.

2) We are happy to provide advise on purchases, please ask any questions, we'd much rather have you take longer to make the RIGHT decision than rush into a decision you regret later. You will NEVER get pressure to buy anything from us, if you decide to buy something we want it to be because you WANT it, and are confident it is the right choice for you!

3) We honestly don't care how many guns we sell, we're not doing it to get rich, this is a passion-oriented side venture for us, not how we make our mortgage payments. Just like our training business, we are putting our efforts into helping people because we like doing it. What that means for you is we will NEVER sell you something just because we have it, when the better decision would be for you to buy something else. We treat our customers in the way we'd want to be treated ourselves, and we take your trust in our advice seriously.

"Shoot to WIN"

Jarel & Joel